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Hey Adam…have I told you how sexy and wonderful you are lately?

Now you have! :D

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Sexy sexy swoon swoon UNF



I don’t know what this is, but it’s fun to look at
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4, 13, 24

4. Early in the week still, but I had a blast chatting with online friends and hanging out with IRL friends and getting incredibly trashed last night. 13. I don’t wish harm on anyone, but people constantly posting things from glee annoy me. Marry : dancemypainaway. Fuck: a lot. But to throw some names out there, ireallyheartcupcakes, putapussy, veganlove, indiequeensarewaiting, statesofmatter, etc. 24. Ehh. It’s just the Internet. Does anyone really care?

What's your favorite physical feature about a woman and why?

Also, what's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

i think probably eyes. that might be why i have such an affinity for glasses. and there are few things that get me flustered more than a girl with beautiful eyes staring at you.

hmmm. not much really. i would say being tied up is probably it.

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