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ahungryvirgin replied to your photo: this person just added me on Facebook. damn that…

that hella looks like a military laptop. wtf. also what’s with the strings of butterflies?

her entire profile is gold. all these random dudes talking about bdsm stuff with her. i love it. how in the grande taco did she find me?

ahungryvirgin replied to your post: Lol Im sorry. I couldnt resist. Ok for reals though. 3 8 15 17 18 20 24 30 47 48 51 and 54. :]

guess who shared a scoop of peanut butter panic with a friend today

so gooooood.

ahungryvirgin replied to your post: macbooks are the greatest..especially when they’re FREE (:

hello friendly neighborhood spammer

yeah i changed my password twice. i don’t get it.

ahungryvirgin replied to your link: I actually took that “am i retarded” IQ test LOL

is this…for real? or is this spam?

well motherfuck.

i’ve actually scored higher than that. so nope.

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